Temple is a multi-disciplinary design studio based in London focusing on graphic design, art direction, brand identity and interactive design.

Typiqal Mono

Temple's first font release is a clean monospace built on a rigid geometric structure. Merging the clinical elegance of upright sans-serifs like Din and Interstate with the raw mechanics of monospaced coding fonts, Typiqal Mono pays tribute to the new wave of post-industrial typography.

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Flat33 Gallery

Identity and collateral design for a contemporary art gallery in East London.

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Branding for a high-end sunglasses retailer in Melbourne, Australia.

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46 Gradi Nord

46 Gradi Nord is a digital production and traditional photography agency run by Photographer Stefano Bottesi at his Italian studio.

Serving as a showcase for the agency's work, the website is an unassuming online gallery featuring neutral typography, compact navigation and minimal decoration to allow large images from 46 Gradi Nord's portfolio to be the focal point.

The site is also displayed for clients on screens around the 46 Gradi Nord studio.

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Brand identity, web design and website development for artist Elena Cologni's education-meets-art project.

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Balance 010

Album cover and packaging for the tenth Balance dance compilation mixed by Jimmy Van M.

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Origin of Points Tote Bag

Available to buy now is our limited edition black sling tote bag adorned with an original Temple print.

White screenprint on 100% black cotton.

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Abject Bloc Visuals

Animated visuals for Abject Bloc, an underground experimental music event held in London and run by musician Tim Goldie. Developed in collaboration with creative technologist Caleb Wood, the hypnotic animation features a bright white hexagon gradually evolving and disolving on a black background over a single 30-minute sequence.

Built entirely in code using the Processing programming language.

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Luce Mono

A modern medieval typeface. Bold, elegant and almost sinister.

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CDS Mono

A slim monospaced font that projects an elegant but futuristic feel.

The font is currently in development and will be available to buy in 2012.

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